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Turyalai Tapesh is a new young singer from Afghanistan, he got popular by singing for national TV stations, songs below are songs from his new and unreleased album. These songs are recorded in Tajikistan and more songs will fallow.

Mastana team would like to thank Turyalai Jan for providing us these great songs, and we wish him great luck with his future work.




PlayDownloadQissa-e Aroozeha www.mastana.net      12.06 Mb
PlayDownloadTooke Me Kawale www.mastana.net      9.78 Mb
PlayDownloadAsp-e Hurmat      13.30 Mb
PlayDownloadTu Khalwate Araam www.mastana.net      8.80 Mb
PlayDownloadMara Begzaar www.mastana.net      12.02 Mb
PlayDownloadAamad Ze Raahe Door -www.mastana.net      10.90 Mb
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