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Here are 2 fresh tracks by the young and very talented singer Shekeb Rashidi, Shekeb is based in Holland and the music arrangement and recordings are all done by himself, the compose of these 2 great songs is done by the wellknown Afghan singer Ahmad Zia and honored father of Shekeb Rashidi. Shekeb has made video clips for both of his songs and the videos will soon be aired on Afghan channels, but Mastana visitors will get a sneak preview of his work...
Shekeb is working on a Pashto track wich will be released very soon, but till then check out the clips and mp3 tracks here below!




PlayDownloadPaay Zeb -
Click here for the video clip of this song: video of Paay Zeb
      7.49 Mb
PlayDownloadSalam Ay Dilbar
Click here for the video clip of this song: video of Salam Ay Dilbaar
      10.39 Mb
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