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Ayman Udaas killed, a melodious voice silenced

Ayman Udaas killed, a melodious voice silenced
Today 2009-04-27 at 6:15pm
Javed Aziz Khan
PESHAWAR: A melodious voice was silenced with guns on Monday when an upcoming female Pashto singer and poetess, Ayman Udaas, was shot dead inside her flat on Dilazak Road.
The news of the murder of Shamim, popularly known as Ayman Udaas, shocked the artiste community as well as thousands of fans of the good looking singer and her melodious voice. Her sweet voice was silenced when she had just risen to prominence.
She was divorced and had got married for second time last month.
Usman, the spouse of the budding singer and lyricist, told the Paharipura police that brothers of Ayman were against her second marriage as well as her singing. He added that on Monday, two brothers of Ayman, Alamgir and Ismail, shot her dead when he left his flat to bring milk.
The accused escaped from the scene. According to police they have lodged the first information report (FIR) in the case and have raided several spots to arrest the killers.

Immediately after the killing of Ayman, in her early 30s, it was largely suspected that militants would have killed her. Several male and female singers as well as drama artistes claimed to have received threats from certain militant groups to quit their respective professions or face the music.
However, her husband later disclosed she was killed by her own brothers for breaking the family traditions by marrying for second time.
Ayman got popularity within no time after appearing on television screen only a few months back. Her popular songs included Laka da gul pa shan azgho ki usam, Da janan meena ajeeba da, bia ba na kom meena.
“Mra shum ashna khu pa jwando ki usam, janana sta pa waswaso ki usa” was one of her songs in which Ayman had expressed her utmost confidence on herself, saying she is not dead even after death (as she use to live in hearts of her fans).




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