Dr. Fay Khan, Upcoming Legend to Pashto Music
Dr. Fay has found his place in the homes of the Pakhtuns through their hearts led by his music in a very short time. He has introduced Pakhtuns with fusion and techno music. "Zulfan" was his first hit song, sang in a dueto with his own discovery Zobiya, a non Pakhtun melodic lady. He also taught Zobiya to sing in Pashto in a very original way.



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Fay sang his latest fusion "Arman" with Andrea, a British singer under the directions of Irfan Khan.

This is light chat with our upcoming legend Dr. Fay which took place in a coffee shop of a five star hotel. We can't call it a customary interview, becasue of the individuality and uniqueness of our guest Fay and his music, so is this joyfull light hearted in the setting instead of using artificial words customary in interviews.

KhyberWatch on behalf of its viewers and well wishers, wishing good luck and hope , Fay will keep continue to serve Pashto with his music and being a doctor will keep serving humanity.    (By Khyberwatch team)

Q: What is your age?

Fay: Well, I was born in 1978, so I guess that makes me 26.

Q: What is your date of birth?

Fay: *Smiles* well, it was in 1978.


Q: So,you don’t want to give the exact date?

Fay: Oh I do but in due time (Smiles again).


Q: But you can tell us your zodiac sign?

Fay: I can (Laughs).


Q: What is it?

Fay: Couldn’t you guess? I am a lion. Leo.

Q: Where were you born?

Fay: Peshawar.


Q: And where did you grow up.

Fay: Again Peshawar.


Q: Why did you give your self the name Fay? Your real name is Faisal isn’t it.

Fay: Oh yes, Faisal Khan is my real name but Fay was my nick name. Now it is also my professional name.


Q: You are also a doctor?

Fay: Yes I am a practicing doctor.


Q: If you are a doctor then where does the music come into this?

Fay: Music was one of my hobbies. I loved to sing and listen to music.


Q: So when did you start practicing music professionally?

Fay: Professionally? (Laughs) You know I never thought that it was professionalism. In fact, I still don’t, but I love it and it was my hobby so I do it. Oh and the answer to your question is “After my medical college, with the help of friends.


Q: So money is not the main factor for your singing?

Fay: Not at all, but if I get something in the process, I really don’t mind.


Q: What about popularity?

Fay: Well if I also get popular in the process I wouldn’t mind that either. Honestly, I would like it very much.


Q: How many brothers and sisters are you?

Fay: We are three brothers and three sisters. I am the eldest.


Q: Do you have a lot of friends?

Fay: Not really. I have very few friends.


Q: Why is that?

Fay: Basically I am a very shy and reserved person. You guys know that.


Q: How would you describe your self?

Fay: Honest, straight forward and down to earth.


Q: What do you look for in a friend?

Fay: The same qualities I have.


Q: Who are you close to?

Fay: This might sound strange but I am close to a friend.


Q: Is that friend your best friend?

Fay: My best friend is my computer. Because it attaches me to the world and I play around with it. I make music, I work on soft wares and I surf the net.


Q: What other hobbies do you have aside from music and singing?

Fay: I like to paint, surf the net as I have already mentioned and play the guitar and piano. (Suddenly remember) Oh, I also like to go around the city with my friends.


Q: Are you good with the guitar and piano?

Fay: Not really, I am an amateur.


Q: One question we really want to ask is that are you more of a doctor or a musician?

Fay: My answer here would be that I like to keep a balance. But at times I am more towards music because it is very relaxing and peaceful. With music I can express myself.


Q: But if given a chance, would you go towards other careers?

Fay: Such as?


Q: Acting or modeling?

Fay: I haven’t really thought about it but if given a chance, sure why not?


Q: Your style of music is very different, why did you select this…techno style?

Fay: Techno has more upbeat and can make you move. But I would like to say that I also have a touch of sadness in my music at times.


Q: Are you afraid of competition now that new doors are being opened for Pakhtuns?

Fay: I am not afraid of competition but I have this feeling that my music won’t last for too long.


Q: Why do you think that?

Fay: Nothing lasts for ever. Plus if you lose your ground then your down fall is even quicker. I am a human. I might lose ground and then I will disappear along with my music.


Q: That’s negative thinking.

Fay: No those are facts. But don’t worry, as you said my style is different so for the time being I don’t have any competition and I feel that my unique style will always be mine. There might be other new styles that might bring me down but in my own style I am the only one. I also feel that my uniqueness might be my down fall. But what can I say. No one knows the future.


Q: Do you have a girl friend?

Fay: (Laughs very loudly) No comments.


Q: But you are popular…so no girl friend or girl friends?

Fay: (Laughs louder) please…no questions like that.


Q: Ok, popularity. Now that you are popular, how does that feel?

Fay: It feels ok, but I not into flaunting it. It feels good if people recognize me out side. What really feels good is when they stare at me in the corners of their eyes. You can almost feel that they want to approach me and ask if I am Fay Khan or not but they refrain from doing that. I really want to know what goes through their heads once they are alone or I am long gone. At times they really want to approach me but are afraid to. That’s the best part.


Q: You make techno, but what kind of music do you listen to?

Fay: It depends on my mood but I am more into techno. Otherwise I listen to all kinds of music. Like ATB, Enigma, Led Zeppelin etc.


Q: Did you have confidence problems in the beginning?

Fay: In Singing? Oh no, never…I was always very confident when it came to singing.


Q: In Life when were you really afraid?

Fay: Don’t remember.


Q: Happy?

Fay: Hummmmmm???? Don’t remember.


Q: Sad?

Fay: Sorry but I really don’t remember. I usually went with flow of life.


Q: Any dreams or wishes?

Fay: None….like I said, I just go with the flow. I take what life gives me.


Q: Do you ever feel that you should go abroad?

Fay: Oh yes…to make more fusions or like Robert and Khanan said on Khyber Beats….Confusions (Laughs like crazy).

(Rebert and Khanan are the comedy characters played by Arif Qazi and Awaad Ahad Khan on AVT Khyber)


Q: No! I mean to live.

Fay: Oh that…hummmmm well I am not sure but if I had to live abroad or was given the opportunity, I would go to Canada. Because I hear it is very peaceful there.


Q: In short tell me about how you came to AVT Khyber.

Fay: That’s a very interesting story. You see, In Peshawar I along with two of my friends made a band. First we couldn’t come up with a name for the band but later we decided to call it “Malangan”. We did a concert but I was making all the music. Then one day one of the members went abroad. Soon after that the other member got a job. I was left alone and I came to Islamabad, but I didn’t stop making music. One day, I went to Marriott Islamabad and they played my CD. I remember they were playing Zulfan. Mr. Hamid Shamshaad (director, producer) heard it and came to me. He told me about AVT Khyber and I was very interested. So he called me over and next thing I knew I was in a video. The rest is well known.

Q: Any message to the youngsters, fans or other musicians inspired by you?

Fay: What can I say hummmm? I my self am a message or better yet. I need good messages for inspiration.



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