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Haroon Bacha
06-03- 2014
Zafar Iqrar
06-03- 2014
Sitara Nawabi
21-12- 2013

Naghma - Shamshad
04-05- 2010
Sardar Ali Takar - Lewanai Ghani
26-04- 2010
Ghazala Javed - Baran
20-04- 2010
Najim Nekzad - Shahanshah
10-04- 2010
Baryalai Wali - Sahar 1
20-03- 2010
Hafiz & Devyani Ali - Alsallam
14-03- 2010
Farhad Shams - Dil
16-02- 2010
Baryalai Samade - Yer Ba Gowro
18-01- 2010
Rahim shah - Mama Day
10-01- 2010
Obaid Juenda aw Sharon
27-12- 2009
Ustad Khyal Mohammad -Best Ghazal
12-12- 2009
Wali Azime
10-12- 2009
Bahadar Fazli - Naseeme Sobhdam
08-12- 2009
Haroon Bacha - Yakh Lage Badona
26-11- 2009

Concert reviews and pictures.

Farhad Darya
live in Hamburg
Exclusive pictures and concert review!

Farhad Darya
live in Denmark
Exclusive pictures and concert review!

Wahid Qasimi
live in Mazar Sharif
Exclusive on Mastana thanks to: mr HamKar

Farhad Darya
Live at Queens College
Exclusive on Mastana thanks to: Aisha Agha



Aryana Sayeed's Songs


Mastana entertainment has added 4 beautiful tracks of talented and young Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed, Visit the music section to listen to her songs..

Farhad Darya's Latest Audio/Video

03- 10-  2009

Mastana entertainment has added 3 new tracks by Farhad Darya including the videos, from his unreleased album Dewaloona. Check out these great songs and remember: more will be released soon!

Ustad Khyal Muhammad
Review By Mastana.net
Album now Online

Ustad Khyal Muhammad, son of Spin Gul, was born in Peshawar in 1946. He belongs to the Afridi tribe of Pukhtuns. His ancestors settled in Peshawar before Ustad Khyal Muhammad was born. Ustad Khyal Muhammad has 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Ustad Khyal Muhammad has two wives, one being the daughter of pashto singer Kishwar Sultan. Of his 15 children, so far only Anwar Khyal and Wisal Khyal have chosen music as a profession.. Read

Obaid Juenda
Review By Mastana.net
Album now Online

Obaid Juenda was born on 3rd November 1975 in the city of Kunduz where his father Mohammad Suleiman Khan was working as an official representative for a company called Speen Zar. Read

Mastana Article

Sulaiman Sareer - First Album: Afsanaye Wafa
Review By Mastana.net
Album now Online

Sulaiman Sareer, another new Holland basted Young singer.
Afther Najim Nekzad & Zmarai Sahaar, this is the 3d new singer from Holland wich is releasing his music this year.Read


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